Levi's promeut la durabilité en s'engageant à réduire l'utilisation de l'eau d'ici 2025

Levi's promeut la durabilité en s'engageant à réduire l'utilisation de l'eau d'ici 2025

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Levi’s Strauss & Co. has pledged to cut its water usage in factories and finishing plants in half by 2025. The new initiative will see the brand work with its suppliers to set water use targets that vary from location to location depending on its water supply situation. In countries where water supply is harder to come by, Levi’s will set targets in place that ensure water usage is kept to a minimum, in comparison to countries where water is available in abundance.

This method allows Levi’s to focus its efforts on “high stress” areas that need water usage reduction the most. Although it aims to reduce usage by 50% in these specific areas, the denim company will continue to reduce usage in all of its facilities and factories.

The plan not only ensures a more sustainable future for Levi’s, but also introduces a smart business plan as less money will be spent on water and energy. The hope is that sustainability will be further promoted alongside heightened importance for the resiliency of the company’s supply chain, while supporting watersheds in local areas.

Liz O’Neill, president of Levi’s Strauss & Co.’s global product, innovation, and supply chain, said in a press statement, “We all know that water is perhaps the most critical resource on the planet and that many places, including countries the apparel industry sources from, are struggling with water crises.”

She added, “This announcement is an illustration of what sustainability means to us now: innovative, responsive, scalable programs that drive impact and inspire collective action to address the most pressing social and environmental issues facing our business, industry, and planet.”

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