Pour l'amour de Dieu, pouvons-nous légaliser la mauvaise herbe maintenant?

Pour l'amour de Dieu, pouvons-nous légaliser la mauvaise herbe maintenant?

mai 3, 2020 0 Par admin


Believe me when I say that I personally could give a hemp-sewn sack of shit about the legalization of marijuana. But considering all the social change caused by COVID-19, the need to not overcrowd prisons, the need for people to relax with nothing to do, the desperate need to stimulate the economy and job market, and most of all, the need to get potheads to finally shut the fuck up about it, shouldn’t we finally legalize weed already?

Seriously, doesn’t the weight of the marijuana debate feel infinitesimally petty considering the scope of what’s going on? As of this writing, there are a reported 337,000 coronavirus cases in the USA with close to 10,000 deaths. We’re all confined to our homes, isolated, living day to day in a David Lynch film. If tomorrow it were announced that congress passed a bill legalizing marijuana, would it even register to most people? Do you think any critics would be able to muster much more than a collective ‘meh’?

There are a lot of great, impassioned, fact-laden arguments to be made as to why the legalization of marijuana would be a good thing. This isn’t that article. This is a guy just saying like, fucking come on, do it already. Jury duty has been suspended practically nation-wide and the courts are more backed up than your ass after eating a gallon of quick-dry cement. When the courts finally reopen and we have years of legal limbo to sort out, you’re telling me that we’re going to waste a judge’s time over a marijuana possession charge?

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