Soyez curieux à propos de l'OrgyDome avec ces connexions manquées de Burning Man

Soyez curieux à propos de l'OrgyDome avec ces connexions manquées de Burning Man

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The crowds of sweaty-pitted, shiny-shirted pyrotechnic enthusiasts who gather in the Nevada desert every year to enjoy Burning Man’s “radical self-expression,” networking opportunities, and awful toilet hygiene need love too. With all the chrome shining in the sun blinding their vision during the day and psychedelics clouding their minds throughout the night, it can be difficult to remember who you met amidst all the dust and disorder.

Thankfully, comedian Emily Heller has gathered a collection of Burning Man missed connection posts that, in the interest of promoting true love, we have shared here. Read on, friends, to see if the soulmate (who used to work at Apple, perhaps) you missed has sought to connect over the robotic astral plane of the internet.

These connections can still be rekindled. Thinking someone’s “an art piece” but later discovering they’re a member of “a western world which may or may not have existed” and working together to open “a forbidden box”? After that, finding one another again is child’s play.

People dressed “like a woodland elf or nymph with fake ears” are sought by others who call themselves “BladeRunner”; a “skeleton princess” with a “full head of white & black thin braids, few turquoise, few fuschia” who “works at Intel” might, if the universe permits, chance back upon what could be the most “solid rave buddy” of her life.

Just because these people missed one another after sparks flew at OrgyDome, FoamHome, Chillville, or Illumination Village doesn’t mean they can’t work out in the future.

Luckily, this being an event where people wear stuff like a “long furry coat,” “chili peppers bandana,” or “a wide brimmed hat, a burning man shirt, and a utility kilt,” the descriptions of strangers are more specific and the missed connections more likely to be answered.

Let’s hope this is the case because, though we’d love to detail each and every one of these entries, Heller has gathered too many treasures to share in their entirety here. We strongly encourage you to read through her entire thread to see if perhaps one of your friends is included or personally get back in touch with the glitter-encrusted Romeo or trash-collecting Juliet whose love you missed out on by just a hemp hair of mischance.

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